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Our Story 

The Pratt House, which is the home of Friends of History in Fulton, was constructed of brick in 1861, in the formal Italianate style, by John Wells Pratt and his wife Harriet. The house was constructed in a prominent location on what was the leading residential street in then what was called the village of Fulton.

The house is blocky and built in two parts, with the front half reserved for the family and the back half, which has lower ceilings and smaller rooms, reserved for the servants. Made from locally cut brick, the walls are about 13 to 15 inches thick. The bay windows are typical of the Italianate style, but one windows in the front was added in the 1880s when the porch was rebuilt.

In 1922, the house was wired for electricity and running water was added. The house remained in the Pratt family until 1975, through John's son George and his wife Sarah, and their son John and his wife Helen. Helen Pratt was the last member of the family to reside in the house.

The John Wells Pratt House was placed on the National and State Register of Historic places in the year 2000. The Pratt House has many architectural features that are sure to impress visitors. The kitchen has been restored to show how the family lived in 1861. The upstairs has many permanent exhibits including local industries, sports, education, and transportation.

The Friends of History provide four educational meetings each year which promote different aspects of local history. A feature of the summer is the Hunter Arms Homecoming Weekend. This weekend event brings people from all over the United States and features a shoot for owners of L.C. Smith guns. The Parade of Trees takes place in late November to early December. Trees are decorated by individuals, businesses and organizations. Hundreds of people walk through and vote on their favorites.


The organization, established in 1979, is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Fulton and the adjacent towns of Granby and Volney.  This mission will be approached in the following ways:
1.  Acquire and preserve significant artifacts, publications, and other archival material of local interest.
2.  Maintain as much of the historical integrity of the Pratt House as possible, while leaving space for historical exhibits.
3.  Provide historical and genealogical resources for researchers and interested members of the general public.
4.  Develop and provide community outreach programs.


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