2021 Board of Directors
Tom Brown, Pres.
John Finocchiaro, 1st Vice Pres.
Angela Bernat, 2nd Vice Pres.
Carol Dexter, Secretary
Sarah Conley, Corr. Secr.
Sue Brown, Treasurer

Gail Chesbro
LaVerne DeLand
Sue Ebert
Carol Farfaglia
Ed Farfaglia
Marjorie Julian
Janet Sczupak
Joe Sczupak
Fred Sumner


Theresa Jones
Museum Coord.

Adam Babcock, Maint.

Alec Seymour, Displays

For more information, call 315-598-4616 or email friendsofhistoryinfulton@gmail.com.

  The Friends of History in Fulton invites anyone with an interest in preserving local history and the John Wells Pratt House Museum to become a supporter by joining as a member. All memberships and donations support ongoing preservation of the museum house, historical exhibits and educational programs. Without the support of our members and the community it would not be possible to continue the preservation of Fulton and local area history for future generations to enjoy.

  Corporate Sponsorship  

The year 2020 has been a year like no other, both for our country as a whole and for our organization.  Although The Friends of History decided not to open the museum to the public this 2020, we continued to work on communications and projects.  We met in person when appropriate and virtually when needed.  Our board and volunteers remained committed to preserving and communicating the rich history of Fulton.

Throughout 2021 we will be focusing on an increase in our membership and are asking you to show your continued support toward preserving our rich local history by becoming a Corporate sponsor or renewing your existing sponsorship to the Friends of History.  Now, more than ever, non-profits such as The Friends of History need your support.


The organization, established in 1979, is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Fulton and the adjacent towns of Granby and Volney.  This mission will be approached in the following ways:
1.  Acquire and preserve significant artifacts, publications, and other archival material of local interest.
2.  Maintain as much of the historical integrity of the Pratt House as possible, while leaving space for historical exhibits.
3.  Provide historical and genealogical resources for researchers and interested members of the general public.
4.  Develop and provide community outreach programs.


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